Eleventy Boilerplate

Welcome to the Eleventy Boilerplate. Quick and easy to use with styling already in place, see the Ready to use styling page for more.

How to use

Once live, update the _data/siteInfo.json file with your details and you're good to go.

The tech

This boilerplate is build using Eleventy (obviously) and webpack. Checkout their docs if you need more information on these technologies.

Visit the Eleventy Docs.

Visit the Webpack Docs.

Visit the Sass Docs.

Bonus features

  • Custom 404 page. Learn more.
  • Auto generating sitemap. Learn more.
  • Form validation with Parsley JS.
  • Built in social share section on blog posts.
  • Optional canonical tag on posts.
  • If you cloned this version (with content), update your analytics script in the _includes/meta.md file.

Boilerplate Tips & Tricks

Update Favicon

How to update the favicon after you're all set-up.

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Ready to use styling

All default styling displayed available with Eleventy Boilerplate.

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Host on Github pages

Host your Eleventy site on Github pages.

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